Secret Malta: Down a hole – no rabbits involved

As sink holes go, this one is lovely, even during a Maltese winter.

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Secret Malta: A bit of sea no-one knows about.

Malta is an ancient land whose violent and bloody history stretches back for thousands of years.

Although it’s more tourists than pirates flooding Maltese shores these days, they always end up in the same places. There are many little gems neither they nor even the natives themselves know about, and they should because they’re missing out. Oh, but not you, of course.

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Castanets & Rioja; Wandering under the Andalusian sky.

It was the perfect Spanish affair.


The perfect location to explore, discover, and fall in love.

There is nothing more beautiful than the Mediterranean countries sunbathing next to each other. At least not for me, a Cypriot-raised hopeless romantic who felt his country was too small for him. Never in a million years had I imagined the awe-inspiring experiences I’ve endured these last ten years, nor how I’d be exploring and living in majestic places in Europe. Continue reading “Castanets & Rioja; Wandering under the Andalusian sky.”


Reach for a(n Indigo) Star – Meet the Artist

“The saddest thing in life, is wasted talent” Chazz Palminteri.

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We are a bit obsessed with Alberto Guzman (celebrity hairstylist)

You can feast your eyes on Alberto Guzman’s Instagram account and never feel bored.

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Tick Tock…

We’ll be opening the doors to our ‘Wanderland’ in November 2017. Stay tuned.. 🙂