Time to put the phone down (and get real about dating again?)

With it recently being Valentines season and matters of the heart being a little more at the forefront, it seems an apt time to share these thoughts….

Every now and again I am asked to comment on how technology has influenced our behaviour as human beings. I’ve written the following blog specifically related to online dating and dating apps, but the dynamic of how technology pulls you away from human interaction is actually applicable to virtually all technology. Enjoy! (And try and get a hug from someone today!)

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Artists we LOVE: The phenomenal Callum Donovan Grujicich shares a few words with us

“When the CBC video on my art went viral, there were some people on Facebook who thought I was a demon.”

It’s clear to see that his growing popularity hasn’t gone to his head.

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BREATHTAKING INDIA: To Kerala, with love.

When you tell someone you are travelling to India, more often than not you are met with concern instead of excitement. As a young female traveller I certainly found this to be the case. ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ people kept asking, and to be honest I was. I believed all the bad things that happened on the news would happen to me.

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Artist we LOVE: Meet Saskia Mullins

Production designer, Saskia Mullins, is an embodiment of style who inspired an icon, studied under McQueen’s own mentor, and who is constantly committed to film and canvas by a multitude of artists.

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Navigating New York: Midtown

As a tourist, Midtown New York is the promise land of iconic buildings. You find yourself in amongst the distinctive skyline that is plastered across every hoodie, mug, t-shirt in the vicinity. There’s a lot to see, but luckily Manhattan is a deceptively small island for how big of a reputation it has.

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This Cypriot “Smurf” is definitely not feeling blue.

The social media vlogosphere, that engine of crowd-sourced entertainment, has much to both answer and be thanked for. On the one hand we have the gross antics of Logan Paul or the smh Darwinism-in-action that is the Tide pod challenge; on the other hand we find the irresistible charm and well earned successes of Vsauce and Jenna Marbles and their ilk. It’s quite a spectrum.

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Why Yoga changes how you think and feel

Yoga does much more than just work on the musculoskeletal system!
It can significantly impact your entire state. As holistic models of health tend to more readily recognise, the state of the physiology in our body also impacts our emotional and mental faculties, which is why embodied practices – such as yoga – which support our physiology, can be so therapeutic.

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Secret Malta: Valetta on the Rocks

The single most beautiful view of Valletta is either a 15-minute bus ride, 6-minute boat trip (or 40-minute swim if the pulizija don’t get you first) across from it on the mysterious island of Manoel Fort. I came here with a friend, ostensibly for a smoke but which instead ended up with us talking about how nice seawater smells.

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Secret Malta: Down a hole – no rabbits involved

As sink holes go, this one is lovely, even during a Maltese winter.

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Secret Malta: A bit of sea no-one knows about.

Malta is an ancient land whose violent and bloody history stretches back for thousands of years.

Although it’s more tourists than pirates flooding Maltese shores these days, they always end up in the same places. There are many little gems neither they nor even the natives themselves know about, and they should because they’re missing out. Oh, but not you, of course.

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