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Weekend in Barcelona on a budget? Do it student-style, like we did.


Don’t always trust weather apps

You’re promised two very sunny days and spend one of them regretting not having brought a warm, hooded jacket with you. For whatever reason Barcelona calls you, the truth is that there’s still plenty of things to do in this big, beautiful city, even if time and money is limited, come rain or come shine.

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Yoga: A state of being (and it’s for everyone)

I’m usually more concerned with talking about what I do and its benefits, rather than commenting on what others offer. But at the moment I’m looking on with some dismay as to what the general ‘yoga scene’ offers. I feel I have to comment, as it could of course also be shaping the perception of what people think I offer, since it’s all yoga, right?


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Secret Malta: Posh Yacht Spots

One of my secret hot spots hides in plain view. To me, it is one of the most eerily quiet, most beautiful places to go – only around twilight, mind – and while plenty of people walk past, I shimmy on in and savour it.

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The extraordinary mind of Valerie Wright

The sheer wonder of being able to sit there and paint, whatever you’re painting, and being inspired by your subject and, of course, portray it as best as you can.

Acquaintances, like this one, are hard to find. If you’d ever met Valerie Wright, you would know.

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Secret Malta: Train Station to Nowhere

London has gangsters; Malta has cats. They hang about in clumps, staring, and their eyes glow in the dark, waiting for you to look at them wrong.

There is a ton of them where there was once a train station in Birkirkara (spelled wrong – you’ll notice. I thought this was the Brit colonials being pricks again, as they were when re-naming the streets in Valletta because they couldn’t be arsed to pronounce funny sounding Maltese words.) It turns out that the Italians have no ‘K’ –  and refuse to speak English when they invade every summer – so ‘Birchircara’ was a workaround. Although no longer in use, this space has morphed into a quiet, tree-lined haven, the perfect place to come and sit at what was once a platform and read De Bono or smoke a spliff. I do neither as the cats terrify me, but it is my favourite place to amble through.

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Demetris Mesimeris: A fresh new note in the Greek music scene

My recent holiday in Cyprus included a spell of listening to traditional Greek music at a taverna. I treated the cultural nostalgia by giving my soul a little medicine that consisted of a good voice and a bouzouki virtuoso. From then on I administered myself many such doses of Greek music to settle my longing nostalgia.

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Time to put the phone down (and get real about dating again?)

With it recently being Valentines season and matters of the heart being a little more at the forefront, it seems an apt time to share these thoughts….

Every now and again I am asked to comment on how technology has influenced our behaviour as human beings. I’ve written the following blog specifically related to online dating and dating apps, but the dynamic of how technology pulls you away from human interaction is actually applicable to virtually all technology. Enjoy! (And try and get a hug from someone today!)

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Artists we LOVE: The phenomenal Callum Donovan Grujicich shares a few words with us

“When the CBC video on my art went viral, there were some people on Facebook who thought I was a demon.”

It’s clear to see that his growing popularity hasn’t gone to his head.

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BREATHTAKING INDIA: To Kerala, with love.

When you tell someone you are travelling to India, more often than not you are met with concern instead of excitement. As a young female traveller I certainly found this to be the case. ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ people kept asking, and to be honest I was. I believed all the bad things that happened on the news would happen to me.

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Artist we LOVE: Meet Saskia Mullins

Production designer, Saskia Mullins, is an embodiment of style who inspired an icon, studied under McQueen’s own mentor, and who is constantly committed to film and canvas by a multitude of artists.

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