“Curiouser and curiouser” cried Alice.

And just like Alice, we are curious about this wander-ful world in which we live.

Through the doors of our Wanderland we escape into a world enriched with vibrant life experiences. We discover tastes, encounter artists and their art, embrace the spiritual, we see amazing locations and dare out-of-our-comfort-zone experiences; whether that’s on a mountain top in New Zealand or down a quirky backstreet in London that’s dripping with sub-culture vibes.

We hold the key that allows us to enter a world full of things worth shouting about – because we love to wander in wonder.

We call ourselves the “White Bunnies”; those who go out and find these people and experiences to bring them closer to you, with the hope that you will follow the ‘white rabbit’ and dare to do them in turn.

We bring eager audiences a step closer to the kind of artistry they appreciate, recipes to suit or surprise any taste bud, wondrous locations to inspire, and spiritual experiences to nurture the soul.

Won’t you join us?

“read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction” – Your journey starts at the top of this page.


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