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Artists we LOVE: The phenomenal Callum Donovan Grujicich shares a few words with us

“When the CBC video on my art went viral, there were some people on Facebook who thought I was a demon.” It’s clear to see that his growing popularity hasn’t gone to his head.


Artist we LOVE: Meet Saskia Mullins

Production designer, Saskia Mullins, is an embodiment of style who inspired an icon, studied under McQueen’s own mentor, and who is constantly committed to film and canvas by a multitude of artists.

This Cypriot “Smurf” is definitely not feeling blue.

The social media vlogosphere, that engine of crowd-sourced entertainment, has much to both answer and be thanked for. On the one hand we have the gross antics of Logan Paul or the smh Darwinism-in-action that is the Tide pod challenge; on the other hand we find the irresistible charm and well earned successes of Vsauce and Jenna Marbles and their ilk. It’s quite a … Read More This Cypriot “Smurf” is definitely not feeling blue.


Reach for a(n Indigo) Star – Meet the Artist

Get to know the wonderful Indigo Star, as well as her music and artistry.

We are a bit obsessed with Alberto Guzman (celebrity hairstylist)

He puts the “fab” in fabulous, and he’s got a (glamorous) story to tell.