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The extraordinary mind of Valerie Wright

The sheer wonder of being able to sit there and paint, whatever you’re painting, and being inspired by your subject and, of course, portray it as best as you can. Acquaintances, like this one, are hard to find. If you’d ever met Valerie Wright, you would know.

Artists we LOVE: The phenomenal Callum Donovan Grujicich shares a few words with us

“When the CBC video on my art went viral, there were some people on Facebook who thought I was a demon.” It’s clear to see that his growing popularity hasn’t gone to his head.


Artist we LOVE: Meet Saskia Mullins

Production designer, Saskia Mullins, is an embodiment of style who inspired an icon, studied under McQueen’s own mentor, and who is constantly committed to film and canvas by a multitude of artists.


Reach for a(n Indigo) Star – Meet the Artist

Get to know the wonderful Indigo Star, as well as her music and artistry.