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All over the place (in Goa)

Whether it was ignorance or naivety, I didn’t know much about Goa before travelling there. My time was split between the north and south of the region, which were for all extensive purposes like chalk and cheese. After a twenty-hour train journey (an experience in itself) I arrived in Calangute, an area known for its beach and lively atmosphere.

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Weekend in Barcelona on a budget? Do it student-style, like we did.

#1 Don’t always trust weather apps You’re promised two very sunny days and spend one of them regretting not having brought a warm, hooded jacket with you. For whatever reason Barcelona calls you, the truth is that there’s still plenty of things to do in this big, beautiful city, even if time and money is limited, come rain or come shine.


Secret Malta: Posh Yacht Spots

” Take a bottle of wine, a foam mat and a blanket if it’s winter. The waves crash only metres away. It’s a scene straight out of a Bond movie.”


Secret Malta: Train Station to Nowhere

London has gangsters; Malta has cats. They hang about in clumps, staring, and their eyes glow in the dark, waiting for you to look at them wrong. There is a ton of them where there was once a train station in Birkirkara (spelled wrong – you’ll notice. I thought this was the Brit colonials being pricks again, as they were when re-naming the streets … Read More Secret Malta: Train Station to Nowhere


BREATHTAKING INDIA: To Kerala, with love.

When you tell someone you are travelling to India, more often than not you are met with concern instead of excitement. As a young female traveller I certainly found this to be the case. ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ people kept asking, and to be honest I was. I believed all the bad things that happened on the news would happen to me.


Navigating New York: Midtown

As a tourist, Midtown New York is the promise land of iconic buildings. You find yourself in amongst the distinctive skyline that is plastered across every hoodie, mug, t-shirt in the vicinity. There’s a lot to see, but luckily Manhattan is a deceptively small island for how big of a reputation it has.


Secret Malta: Valetta on the Rocks

The single most beautiful view of Valletta is either a 15-minute bus ride, 6-minute boat trip (or 40-minute swim if the pulizija don’t get you first) across from it on the mysterious island of Manoel Fort. I came here with a friend, ostensibly for a smoke but which instead ended up with us talking about how nice seawater smells.


Secret Malta: Down a hole – no rabbits involved

As sink holes go, this one is lovely, even during a Maltese winter.


Secret Malta: A bit of sea no-one knows about.

Get a glimpse inside Tanya’s life and her inner thoughts, as she uses Malta as her platform of expression

Castanets & Rioja; Wandering under the Andalusian sky.

Unravel the beauty of Andalusia with @doortowanderland