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Secret Malta: Train Station to Nowhere

London has gangsters; Malta has cats. They hang about in clumps, staring, and their eyes glow in the dark, waiting for you to look at them wrong. There is a ton of them where there was once a train station in Birkirkara (spelled wrong – you’ll notice. I thought this was the Brit colonials being pricks again, as they were when re-naming the streets … Read More Secret Malta: Train Station to Nowhere


Secret Malta: Valetta on the Rocks

The single most beautiful view of Valletta is either a 15-minute bus ride, 6-minute boat trip (or 40-minute swim if the pulizija don’t get you first) across from it on the mysterious island of Manoel Fort. I came here with a friend, ostensibly for a smoke but which instead ended up with us talking about how nice seawater smells.


Secret Malta: Down a hole – no rabbits involved

As sink holes go, this one is lovely, even during a Maltese winter.


Secret Malta: A bit of sea no-one knows about.

Get a glimpse inside Tanya’s life and her inner thoughts, as she uses Malta as her platform of expression

Castanets & Rioja; Wandering under the Andalusian sky.

Unravel the beauty of Andalusia with @doortowanderland