“Who are you?” asked the caterpillar.
“I hardly know, Sir. I know who I Was, but I think I must have changed

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“What’s it like to live inside your head?” somebody asked Christakis (aka Chris) a couple years ago.

Christakis has been a class clown in Cyprus, an actor in Prague, and a writer in London; so it won’t surprise you to find out that he has a passion for the artistic, a flair for the dramatic, and has occasionally been known to be funny. Where his penchant for 60’s psychedelia has come from, though, is anyone’s guess.

Christakis feels he has been blessed with amazing experiences and exciting people and is ever hungry for more. This is why he’s created this blog: to drive that lust for experience, to write about the stuff he finds interesting, and to finally show you what’s it like to be inside his head. You’ll find him travelling (now more so than ever), socialising with his close friends (or new ones), being spiritual on weekends (to various definitions of ‘spiritual’), enjoying great books and weird art (or creating them), and cooking (Greek food, mainly).

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10418319_10152575390841077_7713700643058183980_nWhen not entrenched within the bowels of a London theatre, Taran is most likely to be found in front of a keyboard, a microphone, or some sort of board game. Despite being fiercely loyal to his own bed, Taran, in an act of supreme self-trolling, has surrounded himself with people who scheme to keep him from it. This pairing of circumstances has lead to a curious life and curiouser adventures, both at home and abroad.

You can find a piece of Taran’s art at here, or listen to his fortnightly drunken mouth-garbage at www.pottopicpodcast.com

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